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Merlin Season 3

I finally finished Merlin season 3 :D It was amazing... but before I say more I'll put everything under cut for spoilers and possible incoherent squeeage.

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Life Eats Away

Well, life has been so busy that I have forgotten to do more updates for this journal :( I've been struggling away at school and after a hard day, I haven't felt like posting anything. Just want to surf the web and let my mind turn into goo.

Over the holidays (which have been brilliant as I have channelled Rip Van Winkle and sleep has never been so lovely), I have watched a whack of movies and TV shows (I've finally had time to catch up on season 3 of Merlin <3333 Almost at the end :D), and played videogames.

Luckily videogames love from family and friends were strong this Christmas and I got Fable 3, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, and Epic Mickey (okay that one was supposed to be for my birthday, but anywho). Almost finished Fable 3, which is way easier than 2 I have found and way shorter, which is a bit saddening. But it's still fun, although I kinda liked it when you could use the expression wheel as townspeople generally like the same expressions over and over again without much choice of anything else to do.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
has been more of the same badassery with a bit tighter controls it seems. Alas I haven`t had enough time to play it. And Epic Mickey has been fun, but the camera sucks big time and my sensor bar keeps on not picking up my controller, which makes for endless moments of anger and sorrow when Mickey keeps dying cause I can`t move him or see worth a shit.

Other than my gaming life, my friend came over yesterday and we marathoned Misfits, which is a great show about a group of kids who get super powers and generally make a muck of things. The only thing that has been missing is my lack of anime watching. Oh, and I also my computer crashed, which leads to more endless sorrow and frustration as it doesn’t want to stay awake - it keeps shutting down on its own. So boo.

Overall, I want holidays to continue as school is a big black looming cloud of things I really don`t want to do but have to so I am not a homeless bugger when I grow older and need things like a pension and food that contains more than glumpy fake cheese. *Whew* If only I could make a living off of lazing, watching TV, and playing videogames. I`m sure life would be happier for a lot of people if it was so.


OMG Merlin, you blessed bastard of a show you. What a great first episode for season 3.

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Damn. I really haven't been giving this journal any love. I blame it on work and how they blocked livejournal.

Been insanely busy with work and life and zoning out and watching summer shows.

My summer show program has been like so:

Degrassi: The Next Generation, True Blood, and Sherlock.

I don't know why, but I re-got into Degrassi The Next Generation. I haven't watched that show since high school, but here I am back and watching and loving every cheesy moment. It's such a nice slice of a half hour and the fact that it plays four times a week (all new), really doesn’t hurt.

True Blood has been so trashy, so campy, so over the top, that I never want it to go away. Next summer is way too long for the next measly 12 episodes. I need more Russell, Sam, Lafayette and Tara in my life.

And like the rest of fandom, I have succumbed to Sherlock. Blessed revamped totally gay and brilliant Sherlock. Thank you Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat (Doctor Who and Sherlock, the man is a genius) for being amazing and creating it. This way too short 3 program show is just fantastic and I have to say, better than the 2009 movie revamp. (I am reading so much S/J right now it is taking over my computer.)

Besides being an office drone and TV slug, I have being preparing for college and my jaunt into the creative communications world. That and having the occasional beer. And playing Mass Effect (almost done! So close that I wish I hadn't started playing ME, just because ME3 seems so damn far away).

Now summer is slowly turning into fall and I can't believe that the months have blown by like a hurricane. What is happening to my lazy summer days?

Jobbing and Life

Alas, nothing really new has happened in my life since my last journal post.

I haven't gone anywhere space-traveling exciting (to a few malls and friends houses, but haven't made it to the moon yet). But I did have my interview for college and it went... okay. I hope.

They asked a few questions my mind bailed on, however, I tired to salvage them and backtrack, but who knows.

Also, if I get in, they want me to own a smart phone and an Apple computer. For a creative communications program (not a computer graphics program). Which will add thousands of dollars onto the college fee. They said to take out a loan if I couldn't afford both. Thanks guys for caring.

In my work life, nothing is new. Really boring. But I have been entertaining the thought of going travelling again if college doesn't accept me (at all) or until 2011. Somewhere in Europe... somewhere it doesn't rain all summer like here (please go away rain! We don't need anymore mosquito babies!)


*Is Alive*

Wah, it has been such a long time since my last post.

Since my last log, I returned from Arizona, got a new job, and with it a cold.

Arizona was really nice, the trip being from Phoenix to Flagstaff.Nice people, especially in the smaller towns.

One of my favourite cities in Arizona was Sedona, as the whole town was red from the dirt to the houses and mountains. I also went on Route 66, and there I had a veg burger, fries and a beer. :D (That was for you SPN.) Later, I went on a train and had some pie (the biggest piece of pie EVER. I wish I had taken a picture it was so huge).

In a small ghost town (Jerome), I bought a bamf mug of Star Trek with Kirk and Spock on the front with the Enterprise on the back. It rocks this world.

I also saw the sun set over the mountains which was pretty spectacular.

Coming back from Arizona, the job I had an interview with before I left, told me I was hired. So that was a pretty sweet coming home gift. But a few days in and I got sick. I'm still sniffling a bit, but ah well. It's sunny here so nothing can get me down! (Unless it snows.)

(Dude, this post really would benefit from pictures... I need to hook my camera up.)

LIfe can now CONTINUE

I FINISHED MY PORTFOLIO! Finally, freedom here I come!

But now I have to get ready to go down south.



College vs University

The last few days have been a blur of work, as I have spent them all working on my portfolio to get into college.

I have to submit a bunch of writing pieces and I'm having a hard time picking which ones. Also there is the biography, resume, and some photograph story telling thing I have to do as well - and those just suck the life out of me.

In other less stress related news: over the weekend I went to a used bookfair and picked up a bunch of books, most of them being under $2 :D Can't wait to get down with some Marion Zimmer Bradley after this is all done (they were hardcover too and in brand-spanking new shape!).

While I was at the bookfair, I also spotted Oblivion on sale real cheap, and I caved and bought it. I had just heard so many good things, I had to give it a try... but I haven't really had time to play it. But from the few hours, I think I like Dragon Age better.

Also, I will admit, when I played Oblivion, I played for a good two hours in 1st person, not knowing that I could press down the L stick and revert into 3rd person. *Cries* I can't believe I did that. I fail.


Perfect Dark and the University Blues

Recently I bought Perfect Dark and so far it has been pretty fun. I never played it on the N64 when it first came out, so decided to give it a try on the xbox. PD really is my first foray into first-person shooters and I like it... but am kinda unsure why so many people like shoot'em ups. (I downloaded the demo of Bioshock and was terrified. That game is damn scary!) First-person POV takes time to get use to after playing so many RPG's/third person games.

But I do like wining outfits on PD. I won the Perfect Dark t-shirt on xbox live for shooting a guy in the head... which I did by mistake and have no idea how or why I did it. ><; (Kinda morbid really...) Either way, the shirt is pretty rad.

Unfortunatley I can't play it as I have some essay's to do for uni (damn you university for getting in the way of fun stuff!). Ah well. But between essaying I have to stop to watch Ugly Betty as the final is coming up and the preview for this episode looked fantastic! :D


Journal, journal. Made a journal. How does the writing go?



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